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Five Must Haves for Your RV Kitchen

rv kitchen must haves

As full-time RVers, we found our RV kitchen to be a little small. These are the most useful items we’ve found to help make our kitchen seem more organized and spacious. These are the first things we would add to the kitchen of any new RV.

Update: After full time RVing for more than a year, we wrote a new list of the Top 10 RV Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Magnetic Knife Holder
  2. 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder - Good RV Kitchen Accessory
    A magnetic knife holder is a perfect way to store all your kitchen knives and save precious countertop space. We mounted ours right next to the stove so all our knives are easily accessible when we’ve ready to start cooking.

  3. Microfiber Dish Pad
  4. Norpro 18 by 24-Inch Microfiber Dish Drying Mat, Cream
    We tried using a dish rack for drying our dishes, but we could never find the right place to store it when not in use and it always just seem unwieldy and in the way. Now we just put this microfiber dish pad on top of the stove and stack all the wet dishes on it without a dish rack. When not in use, it hangs out of site on a hook behind the kids bedroom door. Get one here.

  5. Nesting Bowls & Measuring Cups
  6. Nesting Bowls by Vesper's Kitchen Cooking Set Best Space Saving RV Camping Accessories and Supplies with Mixing Bowl, Measuring Bowl and Cups, Colander and Sifter, Compact Stackable Storage Solution
    These stackable bowls and measuring cups are great for saving space. They are light-weight but durable, and won’t break like heavy Pyrex bowls. This set includes mixing bowls, colander, and measuring cups.

  7. Marshmallow Roasting Kit
  8. Set of 6 Marshmallow & Hot Dog Roasting Sticks 34 Inch Extra Long Stainless Steel Telescoping & Rotating Forks - Perfect Smore Skewers for Camping Campfire Cooking & Fire Pit Cookware Kids Accessories
    Ok, so these marshmallow & hotdog roasting sticks don’t technically go in the “kitchen”, but they are definitely a must-have for camping. They’re collapsible, perfect for RVers.

  9. Fruit Hammock
  10. Prodyne HH-360 Under Cabinet Fruit and Veggie Hammock - RV Kitchen accessory
    Countertop space is a precious resource in an RV. We use this fruit hammock mounted near the kitchen window to keep all our fruit out of the way. It gently cradles the fruit to keep it from bruising.

Bonus: Spice Holders

Bellemain Spice Gripper - Perfect for RVs, campers, trailers
We got tired of our spices always falling out of the cupboards the first time we opened them after each trip. These spice racks are very inexpensive but work great. They mount to the inside of a cupboard door or on the wall and will hold 12 spice bottles.

Do you have any other must-have’s for your RV kitchen? Leave a comment below and we’ll get the word out to others!

Update: After full time RVing for more than a year, we wrote a new list of the Top 10 RV Kitchen Gadgets

2 thoughts on “Five Must Haves for Your RV Kitchen

  1. Tiffany

    Would you recommend real dishes or plasticware? I like the idea of using real dishes (think Corelle) versus washable plastic ware. Considering the weight that would add and the possibility of the dishes breaking when traveling, just wondering what your thoughts are. Love this blog! We’re currently in O’Side and planning on leaving on our adventure at the end of next year.

    1. Nate Post author

      We use real dishes most of the time. We brought one set of Correlle dishes (large plate, small plate, and bowl) for each person, plus two spoons and forks each. We’ll use paper plates if we’re dry camping somewhere and need to conserve water, but otherwise we use the real thing. We found some great dish holders at Ikea (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80240416/) that work perfectly for holding the plates and bowls. Haven’t had anything break yet (knock on wood). Thanks for reading our blog!

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