Who Are We?

Brideveil Falls, Yosemite
We are a family of five who decided to try taking a different path in life. We sold most of our things, rented out our house, and hit the road in a 5th wheel to drive around the U.S.

We are planning to do this full-time for at least a year. We have been traveling full-time now for 26 months (as of June 2017) and plan to keep going for now. We love it!

The goal of fiveina5th.com is to journal our experiences as we travel, share pictures with family and friends, and provide tips and information for other families who might be considering this lifestyle. Read our post about our philosophy and reasons for doing this.

We started our journey in San Diego, California at the end of April 2015. Our route will take took us north through California, Oregon, and Washington, then south through Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. From there we’ll likely meander through The South during the winter months before traveling up the East Coast and finally head back west. we went to New Mexico and Texas for the winter, then back up to Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah for the summer. We’ll We enjoy stopping at places we want to visit and seeing what life around the country has to offer.



Nate is the chief navigator, chauffeur, and household handyman. He just got out of the Marine Corps after 11 years and is now an Internet entrepreneur. He earns money to support our lifestyle by developing web sites, programming, and IT consulting. He specializes in network technologies, web servers, and back end development. Nate has always enjoyed traveling and exploring new places. The full-time lifestyle was a dream waiting to be fulfilled. When the opportunity to travel the country full-time became feasible, he just couldn’t let it pass by.



Point Reyes, CAAngie is the Home-Schooler-In-Chief, chef extraordinaire, and assistant navigator/co-pilot. She plans the kids’ curriculum, keeps them on task, and keeps the house in order. She previously taught elementary school around the world and loves teaching our kids using using the world as her classroom.

Angie is also a certified holistic health coach. She is passionate about helping other people by teaching them how essential oils can empower them to take control of their health and improve their quality of life. If you’re interested in learning more about how essential oils can help you, start by visiting Angie’s website PureVitality.us and reading through the material there. You can also:


Ali 20150603_171112_HDR-001

Ali is the head cat keeper and chief helper. She a friendly 9-year-old 11-year-old who is enthusiastic about life. She loves to make new friends at each new destination. Her favorite activities include exploring new places, creating art, and leading the other children in make-believe.


Nathan Nose picker!

Nathan is a typical 7-year-old 9-year-old boy. He enjoys making obnoxious noises, keeping his sisters in check, reading books, and playing the occasional video game.


Abby"Look what I found!", Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA

Abby loves to learn. As a curious 4-year-old busy 7-year-old, she has soaked up all kinds of tidbits as she sits alongside Ali and Nathan during school time. She likes to do homework right along with them and is quickly learning to read, do math, She is an excellent reader, loves to do math and color, and is often the first one to shout out the correct answer to history or science questions.


Sukuh & Lilly

LillyOur two cats. Sukuh has been around since we got her as a kitten in Okinawa 10 years ago. She’s known as the cranky one, but likes to jump on a lap and cozy up during movies or when we’re working at the computer. Lilly is a friendly 23-year-old with plenty of energy. Her favorite activities include eating (pretty much constantly), tormenting Sukuh, and playfully biting at Angie’s heels when she walks by. The cats have adjusted well to life on the road and have both settled in to our routine.


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  1. Michele

    Love your sharing! Am now a 60 year old mother of four and grandmother that took the “road less traveled” of the early ’90’s, by blazing the homeschool trail when it was marginally legal! My only regret is that we didn’t start even sooner! Wonderful memories and strong relationships between the six of us! Life well lived! ( btw. Three Master’s degrees and one in Law School at this time… Homeschooling was the best!)

    1. Nate Post author

      Our 5er has an outdoor kitchen with a separate cubby for a small electric fridge. We took the fridge out and put the litter box there. I put a cat door under one of the beds in the bunkroom that leads to the litterbox. We access it from outside. Check out this post for pictures of the litter box and more tips for RVing with cats: //www.fiveina5th.com/helpful-tips-for-rving-with-cats/

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