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Making an RV Office

Our 5th wheel is our home. But it’s also our office. Angie and I both do most of our work online and need space to set up a laptop, pay bills, lay out notebooks, and work in peace and quiet. But with 5 people living here, there’s not much space that isn’t already taken up by beds, kids toys, and all our stuff. And trying to work in the main living area with 3 kids constantly making noise is a guarantee of not getting anything done, so the dining table was out. The only option left was to work in the master bedroom.

The master bedroom in our 5th wheel is not much more than a bed. There’s a little bit of space around each side of the bed, barely enough to walk around. So there definitely was not room to put a big table or desk. I first tried using a laptop tray and sitting cross-legged on the bed. That was really a killer on my hips and lower back. Then I tried sitting on the edge of the bed with a TV tray for a desk. That was better, but still a killer on my back.

Then I found a solution, the Picnic Time Portable Ventura Reclining Seat. This chair was designed for sitting on bleachers during sporting events. I had tried a few of these before, but the ones I tried were all uncomfortable or didn’t offer enough support. This chair solved all those problems. It folds flat for storage, has five adjustable positions, and is stiff enough to provide the support I need. It makes sitting on the edge of the bed comfortable, almost as good as a real desk chair. Coupled with a laptop cart, it makes the perfect office area.

Ameriwood Home Jacob Laptop Cart, Cherry

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Our RV Office

Our RV Office

Hard at work

Hard at work

2 thoughts on “Making an RV Office

  1. Sheila

    Thank you for sharing this! I have been trying to find solutions for our work space needs when we hit the road. This will definitely be an option for us. What trays are you using in the picture?

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