Roadschoolers Taking Over Legoland Florida

After resting in Tallahassee for a few days, it was time to head to Legoland, Florida.

Normally, we don’t do a lot of theme parks, but this was a special occasion. It was the 5th Annual Fulltime Families Roadschool Field Trip!

We found a nice Passport America affiliated RV park in Haines City, just 15 minutes from Legoland. With the 50% off discount, it was a reasonable (for the area) $25 per night and it even had a pool!

Two night stop for Legoland – Haines City Mobile Home & RV Park

Pool time

We got a site right next to the Heatons for the two nights we were there while we went to Legoland.

Florida Legoland Field Trip

As roadschoolers, we do a lot of field trips on our own, but this was a unique opportunity to do a field trip with a huge group of our fellow roadschoolers. Look at all the people who showed up!

Check out this amazing group of fulltime families

Look at this awesome group of homeschooling fulltime families

Abby just couldn’t wait, so she started climbing on the Legoland sign while we were waiting for the group picture. Notice the “Do Not Climb” sign at the bottom.

Already breaking the rules

We’ve been to Legoland California a couple of time before when we lived in Oceanside. Legoland Florida was pretty much the same. It’s a fun theme park for kids who are around 5-12 years old. Since all three of ours fall right in there, we had a blast!

We’re so far from Oceanside:

Look how far we are from Oceanside

Our first stop was the Lego Carousel. Then we did a couple of roller coasters.

Nathan’s favorite area was Ninjago Land. The Ninjago ride was full of creepy 3-D characters we got to blast by using our Ninjago powers to throw green fireballs.

Another favorite area was the Star Wars displays. They had scenes from all the major battles in the Star Wars movies, plus a life-size Darth Vader and R2-D2.

It was a very fun day and we were totally beat by then end.

Now, on to Key West.

2 thoughts on “Roadschoolers Taking Over Legoland Florida

  1. GLB

    Just curious. Do you find camping spots as you go or do you do a lot of planning ahead and make reservations? We have been to Florida at this time of year, but not in an RV and have had a very difficult time finding a place to stay.

    We have a 5th-wheel now and are thinking about heading for FL toward the end of March. Are the campgrounds as full as the hotels down there?

    1. Nate Post author

      We prefer to find camping spots a day or two ahead of time. But for busy locations we will try to reserve as far ahead as we can. The problem with that is we usually don’t have a very concrete plan more than a couple weeks out. We’ve been able to find RV spots in Florida this time of year, but it has been more difficult than most places and we frequently have to call around to several places before we find an opening. I think you would be just fine toward the end of March though as the busy season in Florida will be starting to wind down.

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