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EezTire TPMS RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System Review

eeztire-rv-tpms-monitorAfter traveling full-time pulling a 5th wheel for 6 months and having several tire problems, I decided it was time to get a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). If you don’t know what a TPMS is or are unsure if you need one for your RV, check out this article about RV TPMS systems.

After reading about several different systems, we decided to go with the EezTire T515 TPMS from EEZ RV Products.

We chose this system because it has great reviews on Amazon, has the largest LCD display, and has the best warranty (3 years). All the systems we looked at had similar features, but this one just seemed to stand out from the rest.

I built a comparison chart of the top 4 TPMS brands —> Check it out

After using the EezTire TPMS for the last 6 months, I can say I am definitely satisfied with the product. It has worked flawlessly in allowing me to monitor the temperature and pressure of each tire on my 5th wheel RV.

Main Features

The EezTire TPMS is comparable to any after-market RV TPMS out there. It has all the features one would expect in a decent tire pressure monitoring system. The main features I like about it include:

  • Large LCD Display – No squinting to see the readings
  • Both visual and audible alerts
  • Replaceable sensor batteries
  • Custom alarm for high temperature
  • Custom alarm for low/high pressure
  • Monitors up to 22 tires
  • Easy setup

TPMS Initial Setup


This is what the sensors look like.

This system comes with a great user manual. It is well written in plain English and has plenty of pictures and diagrams. I looked at the user manuals for several other TPMS systems and the EezTire manual is one of the best.

The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow for setting up the system. Initial setup included setting the desired high and low pressure alerts for each tire, setting the desired high temperature alert, and installing each sensor on the appropriate tire.

Each sensor screws right onto the end of the tire valve stem. There is an anti-theft device on each sensor, which is basically a waterproof housing that makes unscrewing the sensor difficult (unless you know how to do it). Once you learn how, unscrewing the sensors is easy for adding air when needed.

The monitor has a nice large 3.5 inch LCD display and comes with a suction cup mount and a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter. It was easy to install above the dashboard in our truck by attaching the suction cup to the windshield.

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Using the EezTire TPMS

It takes 5-10 minutes after turning on the monitor before all the sensors start displaying information. This is normal for all brands of TPMS I’ve looked at. I typically plug in the monitor as I’m getting the 5th wheel ready to hook up. By the time I have it hitched up and ready to roll, the monitor is displaying temperature and pressure information for all my tires.

The display continuously cycles through all the tires showing current temperature and pressure for each one. I’ve verified the fast leakage / blowout alarm several times by unscrewing a sensor from the valve stem of a tire. Sure enough, as soon as I pull it off the tire the monitor starts beeping and alerting me to a rapid loss of air pressure.

As the monitor cycles through each sensor, I can easily keep an eye on all my tires to make sure one isn’t getting hotter than the others. The monitor will alert me if the tire pressure goes above or below the thresholds I set. The user manual recommends setting the high pressure alarm at 20% above the recommended pressure and the low pressure alarm at 10% below. This accounts for the normal pressure fluctuation that occurs with changes in ambient temperature, tire temperature, and elevation.

For my tires, which I run at 80 PSI cold, I set the low pressure alarm at 72 PSI and the high pressure alarm at 96 PSI. The user manual explains how to do this.

I took this video to show a brief overview of the system in operation:

I definitely give the EezTire TPMS a 5-star rating. It’s worked as designed and puts my mind at ease whenever I’m dragging my big 5th wheel around.

9 thoughts on “EezTire TPMS RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System Review

  1. Merlin

    Can I just monitor the 5th wheel as my pickup as it has its own monitor, as when pulling the trucks icons keep beeping as it goes thru it’s sequence. Can they be shut off.

    1. Nate Post author

      Yes you can just monitor the 5th wheel. I did that for about a year before I added sensors to my truck. If the truck icons on the EezTire display keep beeping, that means it thinks you have sensors installed on the truck. You just need to remove them from the EezTire display so it doesn’t keep looking for them. Here are the instructions to remove sensors from the display (this comes from page 20 in the EezTire manual):

      1. In standby mode, press and hold the CODE button for 3 seconds, release it after the beep to enter the coding mode. A flashing tire icon and ID code are displayed. Press the + or – button to select the desired tire.
      2. Press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds. A double-beep sound will be issued after the sensor code is deleted successfully. If no further action is made after 3 minutes, the system will return to standby mode automatically. To return to standby mode immediately, press and hold the CODE button for 3 seconds until a beep is issued.

  2. David Richard Schlosser

    Have been using sensors for a 9 months. I had to buy the booster for it. just last month my booster wires melted from the battery to the fuse. unknow why Do you know where I can get these wires. Also Trying to find batteries I have two stop working and I only use 4 sensors i took the spare two and changed batteries. I have been to Wal mart a jewelry watch store, lowes, home depot. any suggestions

    1. Nate Post author

      If your wires melted, the wire you were using was probably too small for this application. Please read through the installation instructions to make sure you have the proper gauge of wire. If you were using the wire that came with the booster, then the gauge should have been correct. In that case, perhaps you were using the wrong size of fuse? You should be able to get more wire at any auto parts store (Autozone, Napa, etc) or at a home improvement store such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace.

      As for the batteries, I usually purchase them on Amazon. I have found that at Walmart also, but the price is much better on Amazon.

    1. Nate Post author

      Steve, I would recommend just removing the sensors before you dunk the trailer. They’re very easy to unscrew. Just like unscrewing a valve stem cap. Just make sure to mark them so you put them back on the correct tires!

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