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Who We Are

We are a family of 5 traveling full-time around the U.S. in our 5th wheel as we homeschool (AKA roadschool) along the way. We decided to try this lifestyle for a year to give our kids the experience of a lifetime. Read more about us.

Where We’ve Been

These are the places we’ve camped or visited since beginning our full-time travels in May 2015. View the full-size map.

Our Travels Since May 2015

Our Travels Since May 2015

A Few of Our Recent Posts

Waiting to go inside Hanging out in Denver (7/18/2016) - We ran into some trouble with our 5th wheel, attended a medical conference, and got to see how coins are minted.
Huntsville State Park, TX Texas Part II – Watch Out for Chiggers! (7/12/2016) - Part 2 of our journey through Texas. We saw all kinds of critters, got bit by several of them, and even ate a few (catfish).
The Alamo Don’t Mess With Texas – This State Has Everything (5/23/2016) - We spent the last six weeks traveling through Texas and finding out what a big place it really is. There is so much variety here, so much history, so much to see and do.
20160409_135441 A Great Road Trip Through Southern New Mexico (4/18/2016) - We had a fun and educational road trip through southern New Mexico including great food, UFOs, sledding on white sand, Billy the Kid, rockets, space travel, and more.
Walking like a California girl El Paso AKA Sun City (4/7/2016) - El Paso, a little detour to Texas during our journey through New Mexico. Tasty food and a lot of history in the boot capital of the world.

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  1. Van and Sharon

    Pretty awesome blog. Some day you will have to show me how to do this. Nice Job
    Nathan. You go guys.

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