We are a family of 5 (Dad, Mom, and 3 kids) traveling full-time around the U.S. in our 5th wheel as we homeschool (AKA roadschool) along the way. We originally decided to try this lifestyle for a year to give our kids the experience of a lifetime. After 18 months and counting, we’re still living on the road and having as many great experiences as we can. Read more about us here.

We keep a travel blog detailing our experiences and the places we visit. We also write reviews of our gear, give RV tips, talk about homeschooling/roadschooling, and other things relevant to those who might want to try the full-time traveling lifestyle.

Where We Have Been – 38,637 Miles and Counting

These are the places we’ve camped or visited since beginning our full-time travels in May 2015. If you view the full-size map you can click on the different places and see our blog post about that place.

Five in a 5th travel map from May 2015 to present

Our travels since May 2015

A Few of Our Recent Posts

Kennedy Space Center and a Missed Rocket Launch (3/22/2017) - Crossing things off our bucket list, we got a chance to visit Kennedy Space Center, almost watch a rocket launch, and hang out on the beach with friends.
Visiting the Magical Kingdom – Disney World (3/8/2017) - Pictures of our trip to Disney World and a little bit about why we decided to get a Thousand Trails membership while we were there.
Eaten Alive by Mosquitoes in the Florida Everglades (2/27/2017) - We spent a weekend in Everglades National Park where we went on a boat ride, spotted some crocodiles, and hid from swarms of mosquitoes.
Key West – Closer to Cuba than to Walmart (2/26/2017) - We got to visit a Coral Castle, then drive almost 100 miles over the water to Key West. We celebrated Nathan's birthday and hung out on the beach.
Roadschoolers Taking Over Legoland Florida (2/25/2017) - We took over Legoland Florida with our group of fellow fulltime travelers and roadschoolers. What a blast doing this field trip with all our friends!

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