Visiting Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming

Those who read this blog might think we’ve dropped off the map since mid-July. But if you follow our Facebook Page, you know we’ve spent the last 2 1/2 months split between Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah visiting siblings and parents, catching up on work, and attending the doTERRA convention in Salt Lake City.

We also took advantage of the few weeks we were visiting Angie’s mom in Salt Lake to take our 5th wheel into Camping World for a new paint job on the front — all under warranty since it had started fading pretty severely from day 1.

Here are some of the highlights from the last 10 weeks:

Trailer Axles

If you read our last big blog update from July, you know we ran into some trouble with our trailer’s suspension and axles.

We took it to a shop in Denver who specializes in suspensions. They replaced the bent leaf spring bracket and charged us for aligning the axles. Altogether it was almost $1000. Unfortunately, they did a pretty poor job of aligning the rear axle and dented it up pretty badly in the process. They also broke the pins off our front landing legs when one of the shop techs raised them too far.

We had already left Denver by the time we noticed how far out of alignment the rear axle still was, so we couldn’t take it back to the same shop. We probably wouldn’t have gone back there anyway after the horrible job they did and the extra damage they caused.

So Nate ended up YouTubing trailer axles and learned how to do the alignment himself. Using a bottle jack and heavy-duty tow chain, he was able to bend the rear axle back into alignment and it’s stayed true for the 1000+ miles since.

Wyoming & Idaho

We visited cousins in Wyoming where we got to play in the sprinklers and slip ‘n slide.

We arrived in Rexburg, Idaho just in time to attend the Pioneer Day Rodeo and Parade in St. Anthony.

Then we went to Yellowstone National Park, this time visiting the Mammoth Hot Springs area.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

A pond party with cousins included a home-made air cannon for launching candy, balls, and other fun objects.

Hanging out with cousins at the Idaho Falls Zoo, making ice cream, and a combined birthday party for Abby and Ryker.

We also spent time at the dunes riding 4 wheelers, got rides on Grandpa’s bike, and saw great-grandparents.


We got to enjoy two more birthday parties in Elko, NV.

Playing limbo at a birthday party

Playing limbo at a birthday party

Then hiked through Lamoille Canyon. We did 4.6 miles with a stop for lunch by a lake.

Since we enjoy trying new food so much we just had to try the Cornish Pasties. Elko has an awesome little shop called B.J. Bull that makes them. They are so good! They’re kind of like little pot pies with beef & cabbage, beef & potato, or a breakfast version with sausage, potatoes, eggs, and cheese. These are a must if you are ever passing through Elko, NV on I-80.

We also created a paper mache volcano for science.

Paper mache volcano

Paper mache volcano

And out timing was just right to visit the Elko fair.

Elko, Nevada Fair

Elko, Nevada Fair


In Utah we stayed with Angie’s mother while our 5th wheel was in the shop to fix the paint.

It was a good time to take care of dental checkups and do swimming lessons.

We also went to the Hogle Zoo, did a 6 mile hike in Millcreek Canyon, and visited the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah.

Then we noticed snow up on the mountains, so we drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon and had a snowball fight – in September!

Snow in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Snow in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Before leaving Salt Lake, we made sure to visit Temple Square. What a neat place to visit.

Now it’s on to the next adventure…

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